Charlotte Brooks
Pilates Instructor

I'm Charlotte, a passionate Pilates teacher with 5 years of experience in the field. I discovered Pilates 12 years ago when I suffered a dance injury that resulted in a bulging disc in my spine...

Pilates became a game-changer in my recovery process, and I've been hooked on this amazing method ever since.

I received my matwork training from the renowned Body Control Pilates, a leading Pilates organisation known for its high standards of teaching and expertise. I also hold certifications in Pilates on the Foam Roller, Reformer on the Mat, Pilates for Orthopaedic Conditions, as well as Pre and Postnatal Pilates.

My classes are designed to be fun and enjoyable, with a focus on getting you moving and improving your strength and mobility. I believe that Pilates is not about perfecting every move, but rather about empowering your body and mind through mindful movement. I create a supportive and inclusive environment in my classes where all levels of fitness and experience are welcome.

As someone who has experienced the transformative benefits of Pilates firsthand, I am dedicated to helping my clients achieve their fitness goals, whether it's recovering from an injury, improving posture, or simply enhancing overall physical well-being. I am committed to continuing my education and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in Pilates to provide the best possible experience for my clients.

Join me on this exciting journey of self-discovery, movement, and transformation with Pilates. Let's work together to achieve a healthier, stronger, and more balanced body and mind!