Natasha Purwin
Pilates Instructor

I am a Pilates teacher and equestrian biomechanics practitioner based in Norwich, Norfolk and Pilates has been an integral part of my training and self-care routine for a number of years.

Not only is it an excellent way to protect joints, improve core strength and correct postural misalignments, the simple connection between breath and movement can have a tremendous impact on your general well-being. Pilates is an accessible form of low impact exercise that so many people can benefit from, regardless of age or fitness level.

I currently have my Level 3 Diploma  in Mat Pilates, Diploma in Pre and Post Natal Pilates and Pilates for Orthopaedic Conditions qualifications. I am also a certified BarreConcept® instructor and run specialist classes for equestrians

I practise aerial arts and perform throughout the UK and beyond. When at home I like to hang out with my project pony, Charlie (aka Kung Fu Panda).