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Classes are Bookable 31 Days in Advance! Create a BookWhen account to make future bookings Quicker & Easier.

class timetable

We will be following all relevant Government Guidelines & due to Social Distancing we will have classes available both in person at the Studio and 'Live on Zoom'. Book Online using the 'Book Your Class' Page. Spaces are Limited to ensure a Safe & Enjoyable experience for all. Our Studio Class Timetable will remain constantly under review and will expand as Government Advice changes and restrictions are eased.

09:15 AM  -  10:10 AM
Improvers Mat Pilates
Location: Bodywerx Studios & 'Live on Zoom'

Studio Spaces are Limited, you can also join us online 'Live on Zoom'.

10:30 AM  -  11:25 AM
Mixed Ability Mat Pilates
Location: Bodywerx Studios & 'Live on Zoom'

Studio Spaces are Limited, you can also join us online 'Live on Zoom'.

06:15 PM  -  07:10 PM
Intermediate Mat Pilates
Location: Bodywerx Studios & 'Live on Zoom'

Studio Spaces are Limited, you can also join us online 'Live on Zoom'.

07:30 PM  -  08:25 PM
Yoga for All
Location: Bodywerx Studios & 'Live on Zoom'

Studio Spaces are Limited, you can also join us online 'Live on Zoom'.

09:15 AM  -  10:10 AM
Beginners Mat Pilates
Location: Bodywerx Studios

Studio Spaces are Limited.

06:15 PM  -  07:10 PM
Mixed Ability Mat Pilates
Location: Bodywerx Studios & 'Live on Zoom'

Studio Spaces are Limited, you can also join us online 'Live on Zoom'.

07:30 PM  -  08:15 PM
TRX & Pilates
Location: Bodywerx Studios

Spaces are Limited.

09:15 AM  -  10:10 AM
Mixed Ability Mat Pilates
Location: Bodywerx Studios & 'Live on Zoom'

Studio Spaces are Limited, you can also join us online "Live on Zoom'.

10:30 AM  -  11:15 AM
TRX & Pilates
Location: Bodywerx Studios

Studio Spaces are Limited.

06:15 PM  -  07:00 PM
Bootybarre Express
Location: Bodywerx Studios

Studio Spaces are Limited.

07:15 PM  -  08:10 PM
Beginners Mat Pilates
Location: Bodywerx Studios & 'Live on Zoom'

Studio Spaces are Limited, you can also join us online "Live on Zoom'.

09:15 AM  -  10:10 AM
Mixed Ability Mat Pilates
Location: Bodywerx Studios & 'Live on Zoom'

Studio Spaces are Limited, you can also join us online "Live on Zoom'.

09:00 AM  -  09:55 AM
Yoga for All
Location: Bodywerx Studios & 'Live on Zoom'

Studio Spaces are Limited, you can also join us online "Live on Zoom'.

10:15 AM  -  11:10 AM
Location: Bodywerx Studios

Studio Spaces are Limited.

class prices

Studio Classes will be Limited due to Social Distancing, join us 'Live on Zoom' to take part in selected classes. (Live on Zoom Class prices are lessened and detailed below).

Fitness Classes

  • 'Live by Zoom' - £5

8 Class Pass

  • Studio & 'Live on Zoom' classes included
  • First class must be booked upon purchase
  • Valid for 31 days

12 Class Pass

  • Studio & 'Live on Zoom' classes included
  • First class must be booked upon purchase
  • Valid for 31 days

george clark on demand

A New Class will be added every week, plus full access to all previous classes! It's a rolling monthly subscription for £12.99 Plus Fee's and you can cancel at any time. Just follow the 'Subscribe' button below to start your '3 day, Free Trial'!

class descriptions


The Pilates system allows for different exercises to be modified in range of difficulties from beginner to advanced or to any other level. Continue reading for more information about the variety of classes we offer...

Learn More


A modern Yoga class should balance Mind & Body whilst exploring different poses and deepen your self-awareness. Read more about our 'Yoga for All' Classes ...

Learn More


UK Master Trainer for Bootybarre, George is a true advocate for this concept. Offering the best balance of Pilates, Yoga and Dance in a format that simply works! Find Out More about the classes we offer by reading on ...

Learn More

TRX Pilates

Suspension Training blended with Pilates Principles and repertoire, this is the perfect Combination. Utilising Functional Movement and Body Weight Resistance alongside Pilates Exercises ...

Learn More

bookings & cancellations policy

Booking Policy

Class Bookings are made through our website;, on our ‘Book Your Class’ page, provided by ‘BookWhen’

We encourage you to set up an ‘Account’ upon making your first class booking.
This will make future bookings much quicker & smoother.

All bookings can be made up to 31 days in advance with three payment options;

  • Pay Online via Stripe – A .20 pence PayPal Admin Fee will be Applied
  • Pay Offline – Complete your payment at Bodywerx Studios preferably by Contactless Payment
  • Class Passes -
    • Upon purchase, clients are required to Pre-Book at least one class. To make subsequent bookings use the email address you used at the time of purchase or your ‘Account’. 
    • All Class Passes are Valid for 31 Days, from your first Booking. 
    • Classes cannot be Transferred, 'Carried Over' and have no Monetary Value once purchased.

Once you have made your class booking you will receive a confirmation e-mail,
followed by a reminder e-mail the day before your session.
Confirmation e-mails for 'Live on Zoom' Classes also contain your 'Meeting ID & Password' to enter the session.

Cancellation Policy

Bodywerx Studios asks for; 12 HOURS NOTICE when Cancelling a Booking.
This can be done through the link in your booking confirmation e-mail or your BookWhen account:

Failure to cancel in good time will result in any monies being owed to/ retained by Bodywerx Studios.
You are able to Transfer your Booking to an alternative class, 12+ hours prior to your booked class.

We understand some situations do occur last minute and we will endeavor to transfer your Booking when possible. This will be on a case-by-case, and at the discretion of George Clark.

Failure to attend your booked space ‘no show’, will result in monies being owed to/ retained by Bodywerx Studios.

In the event Bodywerx Studios has to cancel any session, all monies will be protected
and Bookings will be transferred to any class of your choice within 31 days.
Class Passes will have an extended expiry equal to 1 additional day for each affected class cancellation.

why private sessions?

At Bodywerx Studios we firmly believe in developing and progressing individuals to help them achieve their own goals and outcomes. The most efficient and effective way to do this is during Private Sessions with our great team of highly qualified Teachers.

We offer Private tuition in both the Pilates Apparatus Repertoire & Pilates Mat Based repertoire. Bodywerx is proud to provide the following Studio Apparatus for use in our Sessions;
Refomer, Half Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector & Raised Mat.

For further information, questions or queries; please do not hesitate to Contact Us.
Why Private Sessions?

descriptions & prices

Block Booking discounts and Small Group sessions available upon request.

your studio

Your Studio
A unique space designed to provide a workout environment for everyone.

We are not a Gym or Sole Purpose studio, BodyWerx is a community focused space, centred on Health & Wellbeing both physically and mentally. Our main aim is to promote total body wellness & positivity whilst supporting our participants in their personal goals.

BodyWerx offers a range of classes suitable for ALL abilities, challenging individuals to meet the needs of their own body. Our team are highly qualified and experienced, taking pride in everything they do and maintaining the needs of their participants as the main priority.

Our "Bootybarre" classes are taught by George, one of only two Master Trainers for these barre fitness concepts throughout the UK. We hope you can join him for a class!

A social space for everyone is available in our Reception area, creating the perfect place to have a quick espresso before class or take your time and relax, with a cup of tea and a catch-up with friends afterwards.

If you are joining us for an early morning Pilates session you can make use of our shower facility at the studio and maximise your workout time before heading to work.

Our classes are limited by numbers so please book in advance by contacting the studio by phone or the "Contact us" section.

We hope you can join us for a class at BodyWerx Studios soon.

our instructors

George Clark

Owner of BodyWerx Studios

I pride myself on bringing enjoyment and fun to every class and believe I have a true love & passion for Pilates and Fitness.

Read More  

Pippa Bee-Stuart

Pilates & Yoga Instructor

Teaching our Tuesday Morning classes. Pippa brings a wonderful dynamic to Bodywerx Studios, just bring an open-mind and a sense of humour to class.

Read More  

Michelle McClean

Bootybarre & Yoga Instructor

Michelle specialises in Bootybarre & Yoga classes, priding herself on encouraging people to respect and care for their Mind & Body. Her classes are suitable for All Levels of Ability ensuring that everybody is comfortable in every class.

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Beverley Nicholas

Pilates Apparatus Instructor

As a Pilates teacher for 15 years Beverley specialises in teaching Pilates for Sports such as; Tennis, Golf, Cycling & Running, as well as for non sporting clients for everyday Strength Tone and Muscular Imbalances.

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contact us

  • 9a Hurricane Way, Norwich NR6 6EZ, UK


Yes, we are confident we can maintain a safe and clean environment, minimising the risk of infection.
We will implement the required social distancing measures and enhance our cleaning procedures before and after each session.
All clients will be discouraged from attending if they feel in anyway unwell.  
We will be asking both Clients & Staff to 'play their part' in achieving this;
Hand Sanitising Points -  will be available before you enter the studio, in the main studio space and in our reception area. WHO Hand Sanatizing Guidance will be visible.
Regular Hand Washing - will be encouraged, particularly when using our Toilet facilities. WHO handwashing guidance will be visible.
All Equipment - As we always have, will be wiped clean and disinfected after every session. Staff will give all equipment a Final Clean & Disinfect at the end of the day.
Floors - will be disinfected after both Morning and Evening Sessions.
Cleaning Cloths - will be used once, and then stored for washing before re-use. Limiting are use of disposables.
Air Conditioning - Whenever possible we will maximise airflow, by opening windows and doors. Limiting our A/C usage.
Overall Enhanced Cleaning - Hard Surfaces, High Contact Touch Points and Toilet Facilities will be regularly cleaned throughout the day. 
Studio Owner - has undertaken COVID-19 awareness training.
Social Distancing Signage - is throughout the studio, in line with current recommendations.
Studio Class Numbers - are limited to ensure a safe and socially distant environment.
Area Limits - will ensure overcrowding doesn't inhibit Social Distancing - All numbers are based on 2 metre social distancing.
  • Main Studio - 7 Persons
  • Reception Area - 2 Persons
  • Toilet/Changing - 1 Person
Mat Space - will be marked out to adhere to Social Distancing;
  • We recommend using your own mat, placing within the markers. 
  • Clients will be asked to utilise mat space marked at the back of the room first and fill towards the front. IE - First to arrive = Back of the room.
Class Timetable - has been adjusted;
  • Allowing adequate time to maintain the higher levels of cleanliness necessary. 
  • Classes have been reduced and time between sessions has been extended to ensure social distancing can be adhered to.
Grip Socks - Wear your grip socks to the studio to avoid any delay when arriving.
NHS Test & Trace - We encourage you to use our 'Test & Trace' QR Code which will be displayed outside the front door, above the Hand Sanitiser dispenser.
Hand Sanitiser - Is available outside the front door, please allow to air dry before entering. Please use regularly as you move around the building.
Belongings - Place in the "Cubby Holes' at our entrance. If someone is already here, please wait before entering the studio.
Payment - Preferably pay online, you can then continue straight to a marked mat space. Contactless is available, ensure there is only a staff member and yourself in the reception area when making a payment. Cash payments are discouraged.
Position - Instructors will teach from the raised mat near the entrance. Mats will be filled from the back of the room upon arrival in order to maintain social distancing throughout the session.
Comfort Breaks - We encourage all clients to use the Toilet facilities before classes commence, in order to maximise social distancing during the class. Ensure thorough Hand Washing takes place.
Leaving - Be patient with your fellow class participants. We will ask clients nearest to the door to leave first, allowing us to maintain Social Distancing. At the end of your class please leave promptly to allow for cleaning before any following session.
Face Covers - are most effective when it is not always possible to maintain 2 metres Social Distance and so you may choose to wear one around the studio.
Classes will operate around the current 2 metres social distance guidelines and we will only adjust this if guidance changes.
In addition masks can become damp during exercising, limiting there effectiveness and inhibiting breathing and so we do not recommend wearing them during your class.
Gloves - it is widely accepted that regular hand washing and sanitising is more hygienic then utilising gloves. 
Yes. We did an initial deep clean of the studio, all its facilities and equipment at the time of closure. We will also ensure a secondary deep clean take place before we re-open.
We are providing our Studio Class Timetable, Live on Zoom Classes and Private Sessions.
You can also sign up for 'George Clark on Demand' for classes anywhere, anytime.
Yes. If Bodywerx Studios has not contacted you by our re-opening date, please get in touch to organise your bookings.
These residual classes must be used within 31 days of re-opening. 
Yes. We will accept any remaining passes on your current Class Pass.
If Bodywerx Studios has not been in contact by our re-opening date, please get in touch to arrange your bookings.
These residual class passes must be used within 31 days of re-opening.
The Covid-19 information set out supersedes all previous studio operating procedures.
In the event that any previous information, studio guidance or operating procedures are contradicted by this new advice, it should be disregarded.
We are following guidance set out by UK Active, the Government and Public Health England. We will ease any restrictions as soon as we are given the advice to.
All classes are now bookable 31 Days in advance using our Book Your Class page.
If for any reason we are unable to re-open by your booked session, we transfer your booking to a future date or issue a refund.

All clients are encouraged to pay online via our payment merchant 'Stripe'. Book your class here. 
We will accept Contactless Payments at the studio if necessary. We are actively discouraging all clients to utilise Cash Payments at this time.
All our prices can be found here.
Yes due to Covid-19 we are now encouraging Clients to invest in their own Mat for the own personal safety and ease. Suitable mats will be available to purchase from the studio.

We will have limited Mats available if necessary, which will be cleaned & disinfected after every session. 
Yes, due to Covid-19 we are now encouraging all clients to invest in their own equipment for personal safety and ease.
You are able to Purchase a 'Bodywerx Tote Bag' including Small Pilates Ball, Pilates Block and Resistance Band from the Studio. Additionally bring a Small Hand Towel.

We will of course have limited equipment available when necessary, which will be cleaned & disinfected after every session.
Yes, it is our continuing Hygiene Policy to wear Grip socks for any class.
ToeSox are available to purchase from the studio.
This feature will be available on our Book Your Class page, when we have re-opened.
You will need to Book at least One Class to Purchase a Pass.
The Booking & Cancellation Policy can be found here.
Our Pricing can be found here.
No. Lost property such a water bottles, towels and items of clothing will be discarded in a responsible manner. This will be kept under review along with Government guidance. 
You can download the Zoom app using either of the following links;
Android Devices
Apple Devices  
You will will receive a confirmation e-mail once you have booked your class, All details of the Zoom meeting are in this e-mail.
If you are unable to find these, please contact us asap, as we are unable to help once a session has started.  
We suggest you clear a space before you begin. You will need a Pilates Mat.
We will also use a Block, Small Ball &Resistance Band as props for modifications. A small Towel may come in useful too!

Mats are available from Bodywerx Studios and we are also now retailing our Bodywerx Tote Bag which includes all the Small Equipment listed above. (Block, Small Ball & Resistance Band)
No, we limit our Zoom spaces.
This is to ensure that the instructor is able to give High Quality feedback and corrections to all our clients.
Classes are limited 12 (Studio & Zoom combined).
No, however for you to get the best class experience and to ensure you are moving through safe, effective and beneficial exercises we strongly recommend that you do.
When starting a Zoom Session your Zoom app will ask permission to use your camera, we recommend you do.
All participants microphones are muted upon entry, however you are unable to unmute yourself if you would like to speak to the instructor.
We remind all participants to select 'speaker view' during the class, you will then have a main screen view of the Instructor and a smaller view of your own camera.
With the above recommendations in place it is unlikely that other clients will see you during the session.
Yes, as we have limited the total number of participants in our sessions (combining both Zoom & the Studio) the instructor will definitely be able to give specific attention to all clients and give you the high quality class you have come to expect!

main categories

new arrival


  • £15.00
  •  11/09/2020 06:00 PM - 11/09/2020 08:30 PM
  •   Beccles Road, Bradwell, Great Yarmouth, UK

The Evening begins with a Centring Pilates Class delivered by George, followed by a Restorative Yoga Class with Nathan. The Evening will finish with a Relaxing Yoga Nidra.

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  •  19/06/2020 03:00 PM - 22/06/2020 10:00 PM
  •   Beccles Road, Belton, Great Yarmouth NR31 9JQ, UK

We're excited to announce our 2020 Retreat at the wonderful Swallow Park in Belton. Join George & Nathan for a 3 Day Program of Yoga, Pilates and Workshops along with wellbeing activities and plenty of time to rest-up!

Read More
  • £13.50
  •  11/03/2020 10:30 AM - 11/03/2020 12:00 AM
  •   Hurricane Way, Norwich, UK

A 1.5 Hour Session designed to give you the information and the initial practical experience to start Pilates classes with confidence. Price Includes £1.50 PayPal Admin Fee. Limited Spaces.

Read More
  • £26.50
  •  23/02/2020 10:00 AM - 23/02/2020 04:00 PM
  •   Lynn Grove, Gorleston-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth, Anglia, UK

THE FIT FEST – FEBRUARY 2020! A packed schedule of classes and all for the AWESOME price of £25! Kick start your Spring fitness regime in style! Featuring some of the most well-known and passionate instructors within the local area, we’re incredibly excited to bring you this event.

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  • £0.00
  •  06/12/2019 06:30 PM - 06/12/2019 08:30 PM
  •   Unit 9A, Hurricane Way, Norwich, NR6 6EZ

A Complimentary Night for Everyone that has attended classes & sessions in 2019 at Bodywerx Studios. Join Us to try out Fantastic Tropic Products; Freshly Made, Cruelty Free and Natural! Our wonderful Yoga Instructor Michelle will take us through a Guided Relaxation. We will finish the night with healthy Treats, Snacks and Herbal Teas. Please let us know you are coming by Reserving a FREE Ticket!

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  • £28.50
  •  15/11/2019 06:00 PM - 15/11/2019 09:30 PM
  •   Unit 9A, Hurricane Way, Norwich NR6 6EZ, UK
  • £31.50
  •  02/11/2019 12:00 PM - 02/11/2019 03:00 PM
  •   Unit9A, Hurricane Way, Norwich NR6 6EZ, UK

Join us for a Dynamic 3 Hour Workshop to discover the endless possibilities using the Stability Ball. Perfect for Fitness, Pilates & Wellbeing.

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